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Freelance Talents

Game Developer

  • Unity 3D
  • Vuforia
Freelancer Experience: 5 Years
Weekly Avaible Hours: 24 Hours
Technologies: C#, Blender, Unity
24$ / Hour

Data Scientist

  • Python
  • Tensorflow
  • SQl
Freelancer Experience: +12 Years
Weekly Avaible Hours: 30 Hours
Technologies: Python, SQL, Tensorflow
40$ / Hour

Blockchain Developer

  • Ruby
  • Solidty
Freelancer Experience: 4 Years
Weekly Avaible Hours: 20 Hours
Technologies: Ruby, Solidty
35$ / Hour

Web Developer

  • Node.js
  • React.js
  • MySQL
Freelancer Experience: 7 Years
Weekly Avaible Hours: 27 Hours
Technologies: Node.js, React.js, MySQL
32$ / Hour

Mobile Developer

  • IOS
  • Swift
Freelancer Experience: 7 Years
Weekly Avaible Hours: 25 Hours
Technologies: IOS, Swift
30$ / Hour

UI/UX Developer

  • Adobe XD
  • Figma
Freelancer Experience: 8 Years
Weekly Avaible Hours: 20 Hours
Technologies: Adobe XD, Figma
37$ / Hour

Use Case

Remotify is a talent platform connecting freelance developers with project owners in a trusted environment.

Company Name : Albaraka Tech
Project Name : Contract React Developer
Requirement : Mid/Senior React Developer
Remotify : Within 1 week, within the budget range determined, 3 candidates whose skills were tested to allocate the desired time were suggested.
Tech Stack : ReactJS, HTML, CSS, Javascript
Company Name : Fon Radar
Project Name : Firebase Integration
Requirements : Mobile application developer who has experience with similar projects
Remotify : Offered candidates shortlist in 3 days with 3 developer
Tech Stack : Swift, Firebase
Company Name : MK Aydınlatma
Project Name : Christmas AR APP & Game
Requirements : Team including designer and augmented reality developer
Remotify : Formed a team who had experienced in Augmented Reality apps
Tech : Augmented Reality, Unity, Figma
Company Name : Pulpo AR
Project Name : React Web Application
Requirements : Mid React.js Developer who is able to work 20 hours per week and available for 3 months
Remotify : Talent found in 3 days
Tech Stack : React, Redux
Company Name : Giant Avocado
Project Name : Contract Test Developer
Requirement : Need test developer for 6 months contract
Remotify : Provide management platform so they easily track activities and make payment.
Tech Stack : Appium, Selenium, Cucumber, JUnit,

Why Remotify

Work with professional freelancers

Spend less time with shortlisted candidates

Manage flexible workforce with ease

Monitor the progress with weekly reports

Protect your IP’s with easy contracts

Eleminate the risks with pay as you go system

Okan Ünlüçerçi Fon Radar CEO

Remotify provided a shortlist of suitable candidates in 5 days without compromising the quality.

Yiğitcan Yeşilata SENSGREEN CTO

We reduced the time and money of the hiring process and have a flexible team of professionals thanks to Remotify.

Onur Candan Pulpo AR CEO

The best part of working with Remotify is matching us with developers who worked on similar projects with our necessities.