Why should companies use software platforms?

Project management has always been a complicated process for business sectors. Lack of communication between the client and provider can be accepted as the most common problem amongst others.

As might be expected, use of different jargon is the most crucial problem for software projects, especially when the provider is a freelance (software) developer.

Clients - for IT projects - generally have three main requests; for the project to be executed using the most suitable method, in the most efficient time and as low-cost as possible. These three main requests can be problematic for a freelancer to handle on some occasions.

These occasions can be exemplified as follows:

1. Meeting deadlines

Client demands his project to be delivered on time. However, the possibility for that project to be delayed is higher when the provider is not a software developer that works within the body of an established company but a Freelancer.

Even though the client tolerates the inconveniences of delayed projects, the consistency of the situation can cause a lack of communication, even rescission of the project and thus, the project will not be delivered, the freelancer will lose his/her reputation, and the efforts will remain unpaid.

2. I can do it cheaper for you.

Freelance workers - to avoid loss of the business - sometimes use the “I can do it cheaper for you.” approach towards clients.

On the other hand, clients can perceive this wording as an unprofessional way of working. A freelancer with a damaged reputation will no longer appeal to clients that wish to collaborate.

3. I will inform you when it is done.

Whether the provider is a freelancer or not, clients rightfully demand to supervise each step of the process of the project that they have invested in, and therefore ensure that it will meet the deadline. Freelancers on the other hand tend to work “freely” - so they say - and thus, herein lies the issue as they may not be aware of the clients intentions; given the difference in geographical location and, or, are not a regular part of the functioning body of the company and its employees.

Platforms are formed to ensure their clients do not have any concerns about the problems that are mentioned above and to deliver the project without any inconveniences.

Remotify.co is a platform that is qualified to solve all of these problems for clients.

Paying close attention to meeting the deadlines and incorporating the freelancers and remote working professionals that have been well-selected, are experts in their fields and have been approved by clients, Remotify.co aims to leave no room for failure.

Remotify.co provides precise information with a pricing algorithm which assists the client, so they can confidently work with freelancers without the preoccupation of being overcharged.

Remotify.co also provides a Project Management Tool for its clients which removes the time consuming task of project management, the system monitors each defined step, makes it possible to be sure if the project will meet the deadline, and, or, to correct any mistakes during the process.

Maximise your benefits with quality service while minimising the time and money you spend(or invest)!

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Doğancan Kılıç

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