Well-Being in Different Employment Strategies

As the world has been affected by the last year’s chaotic atmosphere, unemployment rates have been increasing due to restraints of the current situation. With addition to unemployment, managing with the deadlines, increasing efficiency during a pandemic outbreak, hardship of completing the tasks that has been demanded seems more and more stressful than it used to be for employees. 

So, what about self-employment? Even before the pandemic, a study has been conducted by British scientists reveals differences between self-employed and employed professionals’ well-being, job engagement and valuing the challenges. Study consisted of 4855 individuals whom 318 were self-employed and 4537 worked for an employer. Astonishing results showed that self-employed professionals were highly engaged with their jobs in an energized fashion, and they valued challenges as an opportunity for personal innovation and enhancement compared to professionals who employed in an organisation. Since the modern era of humanity chases the innovative approaches in ways improve efficiency, well-being and productivity, world has started to see self-employment as a rising star, and it seems this is not a bad idea.  

For further examination: https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/10.1177/0950017017717684


Ongoing Match

Semih  – (React Native Developer)  –  20 hour per week/6 month – [165 TRY/hour]

Kadir  – (React Native Developer) –  Project Based  – [100 TRY/hour]


Oya (Full Stack Developer) [200 TRY/Hour] 
Freelancer Experience: +17 years
Weekly Available Hours: 20
Technologies: C#, .NET Core

Haktan (Frontend Developer) [100 TRY/Hour] 
Freelancer Experience: +11 years
Weekly Available Hours: 15
Technologies: CSS3, JavaScript

Fabrice Ubugeni (Full Stack Developer) [180 TRY/Hour] 
Freelancer Experience:
 +7 years
Weekly Available Hours: 30
Technologies: React.js, Python


Open Projects 

Java Developer: For a SaaS product company based in UK
Working Type: Full time/Hourly charged
Required Experience: Mid / Snr (2–5 years of experience)
Extra Requirements: Fluent English is required
Budget: 20$-50$

Frontend Developer: Looking for a teammate for a project which is developed on SharePoint.
Working Type: Part time
Required Experience: Snr (5+ years of experience)
Extra Requirements: High level knowledge of Angular JS 
Budget: 120₺-150₺

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